Multipoly Next is a two-round game that consists of an online part and a part based on personal participation, during which the player submits a virtual application to the PwC company, takes part in the virtual interview process and becomes the virtual trainee (intern) of PwC. The second stage of the game, with the personal participation of the best players, takes place in the Budapest office of PwC.

Further details of the game are available in the "Game rules" menu item of the game.

Online round

The first, online stage of the game, conducted on the page begins on 25th April 2016 at 16:00 and ends on 30th May 2016 at 16:00.

The collection of points however ends on 23rd May 2016 at 16:00.

The main parts of the game are the following

  • Registration
  • Level selector after login
  • Levels: Interview and other levels
  • Mentor
  • Navigation interface of the game
  • Play-field and game
  • Extra points
  • Webshop

Second round

A total of 12 players will become eligible to participate in the final, based on their individual results, selected from the first 30 players of the individual top list, in the following form:

  • the first 8 players of the top list automatically
  • 4 other players selected by the experts of PwC

In case a participant can not make it to the final, he/she must indicate it in advance. In this case the PwC experts will decide about the new participant. This leg of the final will be held in June 2016 at PwC’s Budapest office with the personal participation of the contestants.

Student Organization game

Student Organizations may also participate in the game. The winner of the Student Organization game will receive the cash prize of 200 000 HUF.

Any organization can participate in the Student Organization competitions. Winner organizations of previous years are also eligible to win prizes, hence it's worth for them to join their forces again.

  • Student Organizations – online game rankings: The ranking of the student organizations is composed of the results of the specified range of individual players who belong to the organization

Invitation system

An Invitation System is also operated in the Multipoly Next game, in which already registered players can invite their friends to the game. The inviting and the invited persons both receive extra points for the invitation.

One player can invite up to 20 persons, but only receives points for the registration of up to 5 persons (5 x 4 Extra points). Plus 4 points go to the player who registered upon such recommendation.


Multipoly Next

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