You will take part in a virtual rotational trainee program at PwC Hungary, during which you will get to know four professional fields after the interview: Audit, RisK Assurance Services, Tax & Legal Services, Advisory. All fields cover one quarter of the traineeship.

Following the registration you receive an activating code in a confirmation e-mail, with which you can finalize the registration process. After this the feature of the game will be available for you. At the player profile you have to fill in your personal and studies data. At the Level selector you can select the level which you would like to complete, in this matter the opening order of the levels and how they built on each other can be a barrier.

At the interview level a quick interview process will take place where you have to complete the HireVue video. Following this you can enter the Audit level, then the levels of other professional fields will open weekly. All opened levels will be available until the end of the game.

The task will be assigned to you by your Mentor at every level and at the end of each you will receive an evaluation of your performance. The evaluation will determine whether you will be allowed to start the next level.

The navigational space of the game is the 3D office of the player. The appearance of it will change from level to level but the functions will remain available. Moreover the top, left and right menu bars all equipped with important contents and navigational elements. Supporting captions will appear when you put the cursor on the main elements, they indicate the functions moreover by clicking on the bottom right corner of the questionmark icon you will get further additional information.The questionmark is available in the level selector interface and in the Audit 3D office of the player.

The game-field itself is accessible from the 3D office of the player by clicking at the headquarter’s picture. By this time the different locations will appear when we click on the three floors and the garage floor of the headquarter. You will meet PwC colleagues at the different locations and you have to start conversations with them in connection with the solution of the tasks (by clicking on them). Beside this information blocks and mini games containing useful data will appear at the locations. The Mentor will assign the main tasks of the level to you and will also evaluate your performance at the end of each level. You can reach your Mentor on the 5th floor in his/her office and by clicking on the mobile phone icon which you can find in the left menu.

There is an opportunity to collect extra points which will count towards your final score and are collectible throughout the whole game.You can follow these scores at the performance interface however the evaluation of the contents won’t happen immediately, so you will have to wait for the feedback. The transmitted materials will be evaluated by the employees of the HR department, after this evaluation we will record the points you have scored and after this the rate will appear at the performance interface as well.

  • Hirevue video
  • Filling in of the competency test
  • CV upload through PwC’s system
  • Filling in of online numerical test through PwC’s system
  • Filling in of online logic test through PwC’s system
  • Upload of LinkedIn profile
  • Invitation system

You can buy different gifts in the webshop or you can bid for them. The points which you can spend in the webshop will be calculated from your total score, the total score and your position on the top list won’t be affected by the amount you have spent. We will be waiting for you with new gifts every week which you can buy immediately subject to availability. There will be different prizes every week and you can freely bid for them with which you increase the chance of winning it. Until the day of the draw you can increase or decrease your bid at will.

You can receive the chosen gift at the offices of PwC Hungary in an agreed date. We inform all winners through e-mail after the 30th May.


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